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To schedule a session email me at

New Clients
For our mutual safety, REFERENCES or some other type of screening is required. If this is our first time meeting I highly recommend scheduling at least a day in advance.

Here are all of the options for contributing to my ease and safety:

1. This is my preferred method. If you have seen other providers in the past, please provide at least one provider reference, preferably two. Email me the provider’s name, a link to a current ad or website and how they would remember you (the phone number or email you used with them or other unique details they will remember you by is perfect!). They don’t have to be from the Bay Area, most providers are happy to offer a reference.

If you do not have a provider reference you can also do one of the following:

2. If you work for a business with a receptionist, you can provide me with your full name and the business’ main number (which must be listed). I will call discreetly, ask for you, and then once transferred, hang up.

3. If you work for yourself email me your full name and a website where your name appears.

4. Email me a website link to where you are listed on your company’s website or your LinkedIn profile, or if you are licensed in your profession, please let me know where I can find that information online. If you have a picture nametag for your work you can also email me a picture of that.

For options 2, 3 & 4 I will ask to see your driver’s license at the beginning of our session to confirm your identity.

5. If you are a member of please send me a request through their site.

I am a respected provider with years of positive reviews and I am extremely discreet. You are welcome to check out my reviews at: Though it is no longer available for viewing if you are in the US, a vpn connection located in a different country can be used to access it. If you don’t know about vpns, I highly recommend learning more, they are an important privacy tool!

Once I have screened you I will be able to talk with you more freely about our potential session and confirm a time to meet.

Returning Clients
…are welcome to email, call, or text me. I generally need at least an hour’s notice. For same day appointments be sure to call or text, I am not as quick checking my emails and I would hate to miss you!

I look forward to seeing you! ~Venus