Gifts are never expected but always a delight to receive. I have been asked by a few of my special friends what I like and what I might want them to bring me. I have created this page to give you an idea of the kinds of things I enjoy. And of course, be sure to be discreet if you arrive with anything.

Chocolate: If it is dark I will love it!

Libations: Always a great gift! I enjoy good champagne and might even open a bottle with you if you bring one along! I also love top shelf anything, and you are welcome to bring me what you love and would like to turn me onto.

Lingerie: Another fabulous gift you can enjoy with me by helping me try it on! I am a size 6 in panties, a 34B bra size and a medium in most other things. My favorite lingerie store includes A La Folie in Oakland and I love surprises as well as field trips. Online I find has a lovely selection, and you can send those pretty little things to me directly if you’d like me to be wearing them when you arrive!

My Wish List: I am a book and toy addict and for such an addict is an amazing place. I have created a wish list with books and an assortment of other goodies I would love to receive. AND you can have them shipped to me any time you are thinking about me! Check out my personal wish list here. Plus, you might find you want a copy for yourself!

Gift Cards: You can’t really go wrong here. I love gift cards to all the places listed above plus (my favorite shoe store), home depot and ace hardware (I’m a gardener and crafty vixen), and whole foods.

Send me a note if you would like to know where to send me a gift (though Amazon already knows it). If I have seen you before I will be happy to share it.