Here is a sampling of some things my clients have shared with me…

It’s been almost 8 hours since I left. I have this very relaxed warm glow. It’s almost like waking up within a dream. I have this peace of mind that I can’t explain. Thank you for giving me feelings I’ve never had. Your touch is addictive.
With love in my heart, Elliott

Hi Venus,
Thank you very much for an incredible session yesterday. That was just off the hook. The most amazing, most sensual 90 minutes I have experienced in my 55 years… WOW! What the f#$% did you do to me? 😉 I still get the shakes (I think you called it “kriya”?) when I think about it – almost 24 hours later. I can’t imagine what visit #2 will be like… I’ll be Back! 🙂
Cheers, Jay

OK, so everybody from the barista at my coffee shop to my friends at the office were saying that I had a shit eating grin on my face when I came back from my “lunch” meeting! 😉
I knew you were a witch casting a spell on me, but I thought I was all cool until I was repeatedly told to stop smiling so much!
In other words, thank you for a most pleasant visit. Dan

another amazing two hours — it felt like half a day – time just becomes so different when I am with you, sweet one…no words, I have lost all words to try to express what happens…yummy ecstasy with my teacher x infinity = [{(no words)}]
love you forever my goddess, Stephen

Wow, what can I say, my dear? Thanks you for an incredible and loving experience. You are very unique..can’t wait to see you soon…
yours, russ